Every First Sunday (2022)

Fellow project support for foley, mix and sound design

Contributing to an extra-ordinary cine-documentary

To support a friend and esteemed film colleague, the artist has agreed to contribute the sound mixing, folio and sound design for a more than 6 years spanning, observing and artfully collaged and told story in image and sound, an independent film documentary of a special kind, so that the project can come to festivals and small arthouse cinemas as soon as possible: "Every First Sunday" / "Jeden ersten Sonntag" (89 min, D: Urte Alfs)

The reason for his offered support was, after reviewing the rough cut, his firm conviction that this project is an extraordinary and valuable document of time and that his colleague has created here a very important and special film of a very special kind. He is known for passionately supporting other artists, sometimes putting his own work on the back burner when he is convinced that this work of art is important and highly relevant.

Challenging were the consciously but attempting randomly created mixed sound recordings of "table conversations", dialogues and rehearsals that now had to be brought centered but to life in a Dolby Surround Atmosphere coherently and well embedded in the local conditions. Again and again new tonal challenges got in the way and tugged at the nerves of the filmmakers tonal supporter under the enormous time pressure and the sum of sleepless nights. The sound studio works started over a year ago already. With a result that can not only be "seen", but now also be "heard" very well. Aired first time on the Nordische Filmtage in Lübeck on 2nd of Nov. 2022. Link: https://www.cinestar.de/film/jeden-ersten-sonntag

"I am convinced that the filmmaker has outlined and submitted a unique handwriting of film making and indispensable relevance with her feature film debut here. Something that has become rare these days." (Quote. S. G. Ugovsky-Strassburger)

Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger