Orchestral Studio Recording Stage
A Bridge into 3 Worlds (2022)

Gigantic orchestral project resumed again

One of largest orchestral surround experiments

Started with the recordings for the orchestral score and the additional orchestral support in 3 Jazz songs, all part of a 5 decades spanning cine-documentary about the life of an actress who has lived in 3 different worlds over the whole life, the whole project - leaded, composed and conducted by the writer, director and composer S. G. Ugovsky-Strassburger - has grown to a gigantic Dolby Surround Classical Orchestra experiment, involving natural surroundings and many more. The work and rehearsals on it has been stopped and started and stopped again over the Corona years back and forth (like the documentary itself) and finally continues now again involving new technologies, which are tested in studios at the moment to finally bring all things together in a big recording session planned for end of this year on a big orchestral recording stage and later for live performances all over the world. On the wish list are orchestral recording stages like the Synchron Vienna Stage, the Teldex stage in Berlin or the London Abbey Road Studio One, which has recorded the "The Shape of Water" score or big block buster film scores like for the "Lord of the Rings". Involved in the momentary studio testings are all studios run and sharehold by Ugovsky-Strassburger, including facilities in Berlin, London and the country side STUDIO ATELIER NORD in Schleswig-Holstein, where many of the creative parts has been worked out in the later Corona years until now.

Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger